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Cleaning Thinners

Our Cleaning Thinner is a versatile, all-purpose solvent that is perfect for cleaning brushes, paint guns, maintenance of equipment and removing dried paint from surfaces. It is made from a powerful combination of solvents that can be used in a variety of ways to ensure your surfaces look and feel their best.

Our fast-acting Cleaning Thinner is a must-have for any paint job.

  • Cleaning Thinners - For the cleaning and maintenance of equipment, machinery, etc. 


Spraying Thinners

Our spraying thinners are of the highest grade to ensure a smooth and professional finish. We offer 2K thinners, QD thinners, heavy duty thinners, Epoxy thinners, PU thinners, Etch thinners and Turps. Our thinners are designed to be used with a wide range of paints and produce a perfect finish every time. Choose from our range of thinners to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • A Grade/Lacquer Thinners - For general use with Q.D. enamels, NC lacquers and Q.D. primers.

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Thinners No: 2,4,10,15,17,25 - For use with Two pack heavy duty coatings.

  • Retarder Thinners  - Specially formulated blend of solvents for improving the flow characteristics of sprayed lacquers and enamels. 

  • Q.D. Enamel Thinners - For use with Quick Drying enamels,QD primers and High Gloss enamels.

  • 2K Thinners - For use with 2K enamels and M.S. 4:1 primer.

  • Epoxy Thinners - For use with Epoxy enamels.

  • Etch Thinners - For use with one pack Etch primers.

  • Polyurethane Thinners - For use with Polyurethane enamel and PU DTM enamels.

  • Retarder Thinners  - Specially formulated blend of solvents for improving the flow characteristics of sprayed lacquers and enamels. 

  • Turps - A mineral turpentine for use with alkyd brushing enamels, varnishes, plaster primer, undercoats and Truck and tractor enamels.



Galvanised Iron Cleaner

Our galvinised iron cleaner is specially formulated to quickly and effectively remove rust, dirt, and other debris from galvanised iron surfaces. Our cleaner is easy to use and will restore the original shine and luster to your iron surfaces. It is safe for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and can be used with a cloth or brush. Our cleaner is designed to leave no streaks or residue, leaving your galvanised iron looking like new. Try our galvinised iron cleaner today and experience the difference



Our degreaser is a powerful and reliable cleaning solvent that will quickly and effectively remove wax, grease, silicone, dirt, tar, insect remnants, road film and pinstripe adhesives from any surface. It is fast-acting and easy to use, leaving a streak-free finish. Our degreaser is safe on all surfaces and suitable for both interior and exterior applications. With its powerful cleaning action, our degreaser is the perfect choice for professional and DIY users alike.

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