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Colour Systems
The most popular – and practical – means of identifying colours

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Industrial Colour Systems

RAL, as it is commonly known, is a coding system used to define colours. It was a system developed in Germany back in 1927. The 4-digit RAL colour code have been the standard for choosing colours for more than 85 years now. It involves 4 colour ranges under the headings Classic, Design, Metallic and Luminous, but the most common are the Classic and Design. RAL Classic colours is a range which consists of  more than 200 colours. The RAL  colour standards have grown in popularity to become the defining colour code for most industries world wide.

Interior & Exterior Colour Systems

NCS is based on more than 70 years of colour research and it is today one of the  world’s most widely used colour systems in practical use. NCS makes it easy to  analyse, choose, communicate, produce and control colours, where other systems use meaningless numbers, the NCS notation gives an exact description of the colour which we see. NCS, makes it possible to denote all the 10 million colours which the eye can distinguish. NCS – NATURAL COLOUR SYSTEM™ is a logical colour system which builds on how the human being sees colour. With NCS all the imaginable surface colours can be described and given an unambiguous NCS notation.

Fan Decks remain one of the most popular  means of identifying colours in different environments. They provide a user-friendly overview of the range of colours on offer. Fan Decks are a design staple for paint manufacturers, architects, interior decorators, painters, and retail outlets or anyone who might need to engage in colour discussions.


Choose from one of our ready-made NCS-based decks:

  • NCS Index 1950 Original

  • NCS 1950 Glossy

  • NCS Atlas Black Cover 

  • Inspiration Exterior

  • Inspiration Industrial 

  • Inspiration 980

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